Say it and I'm yours..

Say it and I'm yours..


The lovely Estinal has generously shared and translated some of the important parts in Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends to HYRK. ^^x Some scenes didn’t make it to the movie but were included in the official live action movie novelization. For details, you can read HYRK’s review and recap of Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends.

Thank you so much, Estinal! We’re excited for the next installments (that is, if you’re still up for it!). ^^x

We got a major feels attack after reading the first translated scene thus, the corresponding photoset. Please don’t repost these translations to other websites without permission and proper credit. Spoilers under the cut. Enjoy! ^^x

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Got my babies yesterday~

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Yes please.

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“What mattered was listening. You didn’t need to say you were sorry. The only thing that helped was moving on—moving forward.”

- Percy Jackson
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
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man, is this simultaneously the most loved and hated ship the jpop fandom has seen or what

what is the problem. why are people so bothered by akame? what is so horribly wrong about people shipping this ship that you don’t care for? are you as stressed out by other ships you don’t like or is this the only one? do you ship anything yourself?
besides, being in the same group or not has nothing to do with it. why would it? aren’t cross over ships pretty normal? what about non-rp ships? those people don’t even exist. are those ok? you don’t need reasons or rules to ship something. where did you even get that idea?

i get why a lot of people don’t ship akame, i even get why some would dislike or be downright disgusted with the ship (though the last one seems to be taking it a bit far, it’s fiction after all) and that is okay.
what i don’t get is why people have issues with other people shipping it. fanfics? you don’t need to read them. edits? scroll away! it’s really that easy. let people ship in peace gdi. being an akame fan has a million downsides to it already, why must you add to it?


Seriously, it is a fiction. They can name it whoever they want and get over with it. Regardless of what happened in RL, we are, and still shipping them. Just don’t give a fcuk to our OTP.

Ugh. People. 

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that’s what you and I do. P R O T E C T each other.

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Smile smile~
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Smile smile~
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Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair in the Mockingjay Trailer

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