Say it and I'm yours..

Say it and I'm yours..

Trying something new.
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Picture Quotes

2009.03.11 Cartoon KAT-TUN s02e100 ~ Hannya [x]

KA: (x middle schoolers) born in Feb., love, Johnny’s, Countdown songs, Nobunaga, KAT-TUN as Sengoku Lords, dance steps with Jin (nice trick, Kame!), Nobuta audition, shows, omiyage
A-UN: (x boxing coach) practice = some dancing game (?)

KT-T:(x chef/reporter) spicy food

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Based on small case studies, the top 5 regrets of dying are: 1) Not living life being true to self 2) Having worked too hard 3) Not having the courage to express feelings 4) Not staying in touch with friends, and 5) Not letting yourself be happier.

– (via psych-facts) Via SUG∆RCO∆TED LIES
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